Instant response for OctoberCMS Flash messages combined with Romanov.Flashmessage plugin (no page reload)

$validation = Validator::make($data, $rules);
 if ($validation->fails()) {
     throw new ValidationException($validation);
 try {
     $user = Auth::authenticate([
         'login' => array_get($data, 'login'),
         'password' => array_get($data, 'password')
     ], true);
 catch (Exception $ex) {
     if (preg_match('/user was not found with the given cred/i',$ex->getMessage())) {
     $flash_message = 'A registered user was not found with that email';
 elseif (preg_match('/hashed credential "password" did not match/i',$ex->getMessage())) {
     $flash_message = 'The password supplied for that user is incorrect';
 if ($flash_message) {
     return ['msgs' => [ 'danger' => $flash_message ], 'options' => [], 'settings' => [] ];


This will replace the error message ” user was found to match all plain text credentials however hashed credential “password” did not match.” that comes by default with Laravel.



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