Magento Marketplace / B2B related extensions and solutions

Found some of the Magento extensions are quite sophisiticated and built-ready, while searching for the B2B solutions.

These could help you to come up with a Magento B2B / Marketplace e-commerce platform very quick.

Magento Builder Theme ($9.00)

B2B / Market place
[Recommended] (Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module US$349.00)
[Membership addon] (US$149.00)
[Marketplace Mobile App] (US$599.00)
author: (US$250.00) (FREE)

Membership (US$199.00) (US$149.00) (US$149.00)
OR build with Magento recurring profile (membership as a vitual product with recurring payment requirement):

Payment gateway – WestPac and eWay (FREE) [up to Magento 1.7] (FREE) [eWay transaction fee: 1.6% per transaction] (FREE)

Vtiger CRM Integration (US$299.99) (US$149.00)

Magento Cards/Knowledge, Developer reference, Code Snippets, and netz98 magerun CLI tools

Some of the useful Magento tools and references:

Magento Code Snippets

This GitHub page gives you a lot of very useful Magento Code Snippets


netz98 magerun CLI tools

The swiss army knife for Magento developers, sysadmins and devops. The tool provides a huge set of well tested command line commands which save hours of work time. All commands are extendable by a module API.

on GitHub:

Magento cards

A simple knowledge base for Magento development including code snippets, tips and tricks, commands, configurations and many more other topics.

Magento for Developers: Part 4—Magento Layouts, Blocks and Templates

The official dev guide for Magento 1.x


Combine Magento with Angular – Magento-on-Angular

This project brought Magento together with Angular, however it looked like no longer being developed, the latest release was dated Jun 30, 2015.


Tired of Magento’s lack of unit testing? Configuration over convention? Use of Prototype.js? Badly written JavaScript? Untested third-party modules? Likewise! Moa brings Magento into the 21st century.