Conference Paper Review System – Software Engineering Project – PHP / MySQL / OOP

This example demonstrates my PHP / MySQL programming capability of building web based applications with object-oriented software design.

This is a team project, and my role was software designer and programmer.

Project Demo URL


Around 4500 lines of code including PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes

Time spent

2 and a half months, including the early software requirement and design stages as well as the testing stage.

Main programming package

PHP / MySQL / JavaScript

Skills demonstrated

jQuery AJAX, Bootstrap model, PHP OOP,  Project Management, Software Engineering


HTML5 based mobile compatible application

Other Package/Framework used

Bootstrap / jQuery







Documents and misc (click to download)

Mobile UI Design Prototype – Flight Watcher

Design brief

This was an UI design for a flight travel app. I was requested to create a set of high fidelity UI prototypes for this app.

Software Used
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Fireworks CS6
The prototype screenshots

loading screen home-planner-one-way-economy Planner - return trip Multi-city add more flights multi-city-add-more-flight-02 origin picker calendar Return economy flight search result booking  booking history account-bill-and-payment account profile settings menu

A custom Google Map Prototype based on Google Map API v3 / BootStrap / Custom tiles overlay

This custom Google Map prototype demonstrates my capability of building highly customized interactive maps based on Google Map API with custom tiles (map slices from a static image).

Prototype Link (new window)

Features of the custom Google Map prototype:

  • Google Map API to integrate map functions like map Zoom/Drag
  • Google Map API v3 to integrate custom markers and polygons
  • Static Deakin Burwood Campus map to provide custom tiles overlay
  • BootStrap to provide mobile friendly interface
  • jQuery to provide interactivity such as popup info box
  • HTML5

Software Used

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC for editing HTML and JavaScript
  • Adobe Illustrator CC for editing and slicing the static map
  • Map Tiler for creating custom tiles overlay


Custom Google Map Prototype screenshots:

Map with custom marker and popup info box

Google Map API custom tiles and  polygon

Google Map API customer message box

An Apple Watch Demo Project – Flash / AS3 / Video Editing

This demo shows my capability of creating Interactive Applications based on Adobe Flash and Action Script.

It also shows the level of my video and graphics editing skills.


Image, videos, Flash Animations, Flash buttons, AS3 scripts

Project URL (new window): Apple Watch Demo
Direct Link to SWF: Click Here
Software used
  • Adobe Flash CC
  • Adobe Premiere CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
Time spent

About 25 hours

Project Screenshots: