Using .on for dynamically generated elements $(document).on jQuery

This is an issue that usually beginner would encounter when things like .hover and .click did not work with dynamically generated elements.

To resolve the issue, instead of using, $(document).on("click", "element_selector", function() should be used for live contents. Note that the .hover takes two callback functions, in order to achieve the same effect, mouseenter and mouseleave events should be put in when using $(document).on in this case.

$(document).on("mouseenter", "li", function() {
    // hover starts code here

$(document).on("mouseleave", "li", function() {
    // hover ends code here




jQuery store locator plugin

The jQuery store locator plugin can easily help you to create a feature rich widget for your website or web application.



On github:

Author blog:

Magento Marketplace / B2B related extensions and solutions

Found some of the Magento extensions are quite sophisiticated and built-ready, while searching for the B2B solutions.

These could help you to come up with a Magento B2B / Marketplace e-commerce platform very quick.

Magento Builder Theme ($9.00)

B2B / Market place
[Recommended] (Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module US$349.00)
[Membership addon] (US$149.00)
[Marketplace Mobile App] (US$599.00)
author: (US$250.00) (FREE)

Membership (US$199.00) (US$149.00) (US$149.00)
OR build with Magento recurring profile (membership as a vitual product with recurring payment requirement):

Payment gateway - WestPac and eWay (FREE) [up to Magento 1.7] (FREE) [eWay transaction fee: 1.6% per transaction] (FREE)

Vtiger CRM Integration (US$299.99) (US$149.00)

Laravel E-commerce payment gateway packages

Laravel payment gateway solutions

Omnipay package
PayPal on Laravel 5.2 code example


WestPac payway official document

Perfect Responsive Background Image solutions – Backstretch jQuery plugin

Backstretch - jQuery plugin - responsive background image plugin

Backstretch is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background image to any page or element. The image will stretch to fit the page/element, and will automatically resize as the window/element size changes.

Backstretch on GitHub:

Other references:

OR change the image via @media query
use different images for @media query
OR CSS – plugin search engine for applications, browsers, CMS and more



BestPlugins is a team of dedicated web wizards, dedicated to empowering webmasters and web enthusiasts with knowledge that matters! At BestPlugins, we are all about telling you how. Plugins can give a functional makeover to applications, web browsers, CMS platforms and audio applications. We intend to facilitate really value adding information about the greatest plugins out there, so that our viewers can pick the great from the good and rub off the greatness to their web projects.

I've found this site helpful when searching for the plugins for my next project.

Comparing Blade and Twig templates in Laravel

Blade and Twig, which one is better ? which one will be your choice?

Let's read through the comparison article listed here: Comparing Blade and Twig templates in Laravel

In my company, we use Twig instead of Blade for our Laravel projects. I know there are a lot of developers that also prefer Twig over Blade. So the question‘Why choose Twig over Blade?’ often pops up. The reason is usually just a matter of preference, but in this post we’re going to compare the Blade and Twig templating engines side-by-side.


ASP.NET – Publish to a Linux Production Environment

Publish to a Linux Production Environment

Found this handy to help transferring some of the ASP.NET projects to Linux, the goal is to eventually get away from Windows Servers.

In this guide, we will cover setting up a production-ready ASP.NET environment on an Ubuntu 14.04 Server.

We will take an existing ASP.NET Core application and place it behind a reverse-proxy server. We will then setup the reverse-proxy server to forward requests to our Kestrel web server.

Additionally we will ensure our web application runs on startup as a daemon and configure a process management tool to help restart our web application in the event of a crash to guarantee high availability.



Magento Cards/Knowledge, Developer reference, Code Snippets, and netz98 magerun CLI tools

Some of the useful Magento tools and references:

Magento Code Snippets

This GitHub page gives you a lot of very useful Magento Code Snippets


netz98 magerun CLI tools

The swiss army knife for Magento developers, sysadmins and devops. The tool provides a huge set of well tested command line commands which save hours of work time. All commands are extendable by a module API.

on GitHub:

Magento cards

A simple knowledge base for Magento development including code snippets, tips and tricks, commands, configurations and many more other topics.

Magento for Developers: Part 4—Magento Layouts, Blocks and Templates

The official dev guide for Magento 1.x


Combine Magento with Angular – Magento-on-Angular

This project brought Magento together with Angular, however it looked like no longer being developed, the latest release was dated Jun 30, 2015.


Tired of Magento's lack of unit testing? Configuration over convention? Use of Prototype.js? Badly written JavaScript? Untested third-party modules? Likewise! Moa brings Magento into the 21st century.

Playing around WordPress with Laravel Eloquent and MVC

The WordPress code is commonly known as messy and not the best practice, I've found some packages/libraries that can empower WordPress with MVC or at least deacent ORM.

Have fun.

WordPress Corcel

Corcel uses Laravel Eloquent models to manage retrieving content directly from your WordPress database. Once installed you can use the same comfortable syntax you are used to:

// All published posts
$posts = Post::published()->get();
$posts = Post::status('publish')->get();

// A specific post
$post = Post::find(31);

It includes support for posts, post types, taxonomies, pages, categories, and attachments. The one downside is the package is still under development.




WordPlate is a modern WordPress stack which tries to simplify the fuzziness around WordPress development. Using the latest standards from PHP. WordPlate utilizes WordPress as its dependency through Composer.



Themosis - A MVC framework for WordPress developers.

Build custom websites and applications with WordPress.

themosis A MVC framework for WordPress developers. Build custom websites and applications with WordPress.





Reading: Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript

Interesting reading, how to do Javascript OO

As we already know, JavaScript is an object oriented language. In this article we will see JavaScript example to inheritance and subtype polymorphism.
For solid base, I really recommend to read first about JavaScript Prototype.

Follow below link to read:

"Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript"