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Hello There,

My name is Jason Lian and I’m living in Box Hill Victoria. Here’s my story with e-commerce. I was starting out as an e-commerce specialist during the early years of my career, during the time I’d learnt a lot of online marketing/SEO kinds of stuff. Later on, I’ve found that I’d become more and more interested in programming, that eventually led to my long journey to become a software engineer. During which time, I’d completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Software Development.

After 11 years of continuous IT project delivery, I’ve become an expert software engineer that has had numerous amount of codes deployed with many non-trivial IT systems. Meanwhile, while working full-time as an e-commerce software engineer, I’m also doing part-time study towards my Master degree in IT with a data science/machine learning specialisation – I’m expending my knowledge and gaining more expertise in a related field since data analytics and machine learning have already become a big thing from an e-commerce perspective.

Please check out some of the links and demonstrations in my portfolio to see what I’ve been up to lately. If you have a project proposal and you are looking for someone to deliver, let me know and we could have a nice conversation about it.

Thanks for looking.

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