My Brackets extension list

Here is my list of brackets extensions for productivity.

Animations deactivatorAlexander Taratin 1.0.0


Disable animations for better perfomance

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Auto console.log generatorBorja Guzman 0.2.6


Allows you to console.log a var with a simple shortcut

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beautify.iodingdong (


Format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files

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Brackets Additional Right Click MenuDeddy Lasmono Putro 0.5.1


A Brackets extension that add additional functionality to Brackets editor right menu, like cut, copy, paste, select all, Camel Case, UPPERCASE, lowercase, fix indentation and some functionality from ...

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Brackets GitMartin Zagora0.16.6


Integration of Git into Brackets

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Translated into 7 languages, including yours

Brackets PreferencesKonrad Lipner1.0.0


Preferences editor for Brackets. Display/edit all preferences. Have regex search for preference.

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Brackets SASSJason San Jose (


***IMPORTANT*** Read "More info..." if you have issues removing or installing. Compiles SASS *.sass/*.scss files when changed. Updates styles during Live Preview. Experimental support for Quick Edit.

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Brackets SASS Code HintsAmin Ullah Khan (


Provides code hints for SASS documents

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Brackets Sass HintsKamil Armatys (


An extension for Brackets to show SASS hints in the code editor.

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Brackets ToolsYasin Kuyu 0.2.0


Brackets developer tools extension

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Translated into 8 languages, including yours

Brackets TwigAthorcis (


Highlight Twig syntax inside HTML files

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Translated into 2 languages, including yours

brackets-compareHubert B Manilla0.2.7


A diff tool for brackets

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BracketstoIXApptoIX Limited 3.3.0


[3.0]Execute,Lorem ipsum, Break Line, Recent Files.Change(Case, Quote, Slash, Tab, Encoding), Sort, (Un)Tag, Clipboard, Internet, (Minify, traceur, sass, compass), Text Replace, Extrators, JSLint ...

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Translated into 3 languages, including yours

ConsoleAlexandru Ghiura1.4.1


Shows console.log & console.error & console.warn without developer tools.

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copycaseAnoop Elias 0.0.1


CopyCase plugin for brackets enable copying text in snake-case to CamelCase and vice-versa, useful for angular developers
Delkos Dark ThemeDavid Sánchez i Gregori0.0.5


A dark, elegant, easy readable theme.

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File Info to ClipboardVince Malone 1.1.0


Copy name, path and directory path of a file to the clipboard.

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FuncDocrOle Kröger 0.8.41


Generates JSDoc,PHPDoc annotations for your functions.

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Indent GuidesLance Campbell (


Show indent guides in the code editor.

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JS CSS MinifierAndrew Bagshaw2.0.0


Easily minify single files or all files in a project. Also includes concatenation features as well as auto-minification on save.

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Translated into 6 languages, including yours

JSHintRaymond Camden (


Adds JSHint support to Brackets.

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Magento 2 HintRafael Corrêa Gomes0.1.0


Ideal for developing Magento 2 themes, get hints of the main functions, classes and methods.

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Translated into 6 languages, including yours

MinimapSenko Anton 3.2.6


The minimap shows a smaller version of your code at the right of the screen. It can be used to quickly scroll to a certain part of your file. This is a fork of brackets-wdminimap by Brian Adams ...

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Paste and IndentAndrew Huth (


Automatically apply the correct indentation to pasted text

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Permanent ScrollbarsMatt Stow (


Makes the file list scrollbars always visible

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PHP Code Quality ToolsMikael Jorhult (


Analyze and lint PHP using several code analysis tools. Please note that this extension needs PHP to be installed on your machine to work properly.

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Translated into 5 languages, including yours

PHP SmartHintsAndrew MacKenzie (


Provides code hints for PHP files including PHP keywords, built-in functions, constants and variables. Also provides hinting for variables in the current open PHP document. Note that this is a ...

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Translated into 4 languages, including yours

PHPLinter for BracketsSerghei1.0.2


This extension works using `php -l` command
Pretty JsonStephen Keep (


Make Your Json Pretty and Linted, turn a single line of json into multiple lines with ctrl+shift+J

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SASS/SCSS HintsKonstantin Kobs1.2.0


Autocompletion for SASS/SCSS variables and mixins. Color previews included. Forked and updated from:

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Select Tag ContentsMatthew Seiler 1.0.3


Provides a shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A) for selecting all content between tags in HTML, PHP, XML

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Show WhitespaceDennis Kehrig (


Visualizes whitespace similar to how Sublime Text does it

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Smarty Syntax HighlightingJeremy Lee (


Enables the built-in Smarty syntax highlighting for the .tpl file type.

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Strip trailing spacesRosen Stoyanov (


A Brackets extension to strip traling whitespace at the end of the line on document save.

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Tab To SpaceDavid Deraedt (


Converts indentation to tabs or spaces.

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Various improvementsDammmien2.2.1


Add more informations in the status bar, lowercase and uppercase converter, super clipboard, button close all folders in file tree, files search

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White Space SanitizerMiguel Castillo 1.2.1


Bring sanity to your white spaces and tabs leveraging Brackets settings

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Whitespace NormalizerDimitar Bonev (


trims trailing whitespaces; transforms tabs to spaces; adds newline at the end of file

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